What kind of first impression are you making?

Interact via Live or Online Session


Get Quantitative Feedback on your First Impression, Benchmarked Against Peers


Formulate Action Plan for More Successful Social Interaction


What is First Impressions?

First Impressions is providing objective feedback on how people are perceiving you. We are hosting regular speed dating and simulated professional networking events. At these events, each participant will have a number of brief interactions with the other guests, after which both individuals will complete a short survey describing their initial impressions. The feedback will then be aggregated and delivered to you.

This information could range from what you already know about yourself to potentially invaluable insights in improving your social interactions. You can't change what you don't know.


How It Works?


Attend an one of our events online or in person


Using a speed dating format, interview and answer questions


Log in and see where you rank. Find out how to improve personally and professionally.

Life Changing Results

client 1

Melissa L.

I never knew I was giving off such an intimidating vibe. Now that I'm aware, I make that extra effort to be more warm.


John S.

With First Impressions, I learned I was not expressing the same degree of confidence in job interviews as my peers. Now I do!


Sam D.

I can't believe my friends and family never gave me some of this feedback. I guess they were too nervous to hurt my feelings.